Streams of Natural Law Diaries : No. 2 : Salisbury and the River Avon

The latest instalment in our Streams of Natural Law Diaries, is Salisbury and the River Avon. As we walk beside the stream, we discover years of history and the law of nature embedded in the landscape.

To launch our film, book and recording of Dreams of Peace & Freedom : The Humans in the Telling and preview forthcoming performances, we are walking streams of natural law in the UK. Visit our multi-media hub at


The foundations of Salisbury Cathedral are incredibly only 28 inches (just over 700 mm) and built on a barely drained swamp. Its’ foundation stone was laid only 5 years after Magna Carta was signed, and the spire added 90 years later, almost leading to its’ downfall.

Still standing
Source of inspiration
Symbol of Faith in
Deity, humanity
Solace for the pilgrim and
Site of Magna Carta
Spiritual and functional
Every soul in parity

Equality under the Law
Equal Rights for Rich and Poor
Is now and shall be
Ever more


Glorious weather greeted us once again as we rolled through the surrounding hills of Wiltshire into the cathedral city of Salisbury. The cathedral spire (the 5th tallest in Great Britain) was unmissable from every angle as we parked up and made our way into the cathedral close.

The beautifully kept, grand houses and buildings with pretty gardens that surround the cathedral give you the feeling that you have taken a trip through time. The sun shone down on the old grey stone exuding ages of reflection. This is particularly true in the cloisters – a gentle hush seems to fall just as soon as you walk through the door.

Our first glance at the river Avon was surprisingly disappointing as from the road, as it was clear that the grounds around the river were private gardens, allowing for no pathway along. However, further upstream from the Crane Bridge we found a footpath – and it was worth the wait. Elongated reeds swayed under water and were magically bedecked with small white flowers, offering an air of pre-Raphaelite inspiration. It made me think of Millais’ Ophelia, and from our vantage point over the fields, John Constable’s famous view of the spire, with a rainbow behind.

The water reflected the perfect blue sky giving the illusion of 3 dimensions, as people went casually about their daily business, serenity and peace filled the air. The sunshine sparkled off the water’s surface, creating nature’s glitterball. A light wind blew through the willow fronds, hanging like a green curtain, and creating a lullaby background sound against the flowing river.

A home to a copy of the original 1215 Magna Carta and proud to be so. In Salisbury, you can see the power of the law of nature made manifest in the landscape itself. Join us on our stream of natural law for the next adventure!

River Avon

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