Streams of Natural Law Diaries : No. 1 : Winchester and the River Itchen

The first of our series of Streams of Natural Law Diaries, as we walk streams in the UK to launch our film, book, song cycle and preview forthcoming performances. This time, it’s Winchester and the River Itchen!

To launch our film, book and recording of Dreams of Peace & Freedom : The Humans in the Telling and preview forthcoming performances, we are walking streams of natural law in the UK. Visit our multi-media hub at


Before the reformation, Winchester Cathedral was dedicated to St Swithun. Folklore tells us if it rains on his feast day (15th July) it will continue for the next 40 days.

Where centuries meet and merge
On the Eve of St Swithun
Late sunlight warms old stone
Swifts screech, wheel and turn
Heralding a rainless summer?
If rain falls upon the unjust and the just
Sun shines upon both too, in its’ season
All’s fair in Natural Law, even-handed
And what’s more non semper imbres
Even if (after all) tomorrow it rains upon St Swithuns

Sue Casson

The first stop on our Magna Carta tour was Winchester and a walk along the River Itchen, a natural chalk stream known for its wide-ranging wildlife.

We were so lucky with the beautiful weather. The sky was filled with candy floss clouds as we made our way through the surroundings of the ancient and magnificent Cathedral, through the cloisters, and the inner close. Beyond the famous college, the city is interlaced with waterways, and we walked beside what seemed a rather smaller cousin of the Itchen before crossing into the water meadows, and strolling with water on both sides.

Beside the river was a timeless country idyll. Reeds and grasses dotted with wild flowers waving in the breeze and the clear water beside us ebbing and flowing, the dappled sunlight permeating the water’s surface to green weeds below. We passed people enjoying a paddle on the riverbank, and many basking in the late afternoon sunshine. We even passed a cricket match in action!

Given that this location is home to a later edition of the Magna Carta, produced two years after the original in 1217, there seems no more fitting place to start our stream tour. Come back soon for the next location!

River Itchen

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